Having completed extensive review of the information available on the waste water in Viet Nam we know QWEST Technologies can greatly improve the discharge quality of existing systems to the point where virtually no pollutants are dumped into rivers or oceans. This statement is true for industrial and domestic waste water and would result in the rehabilitation of all lakes rivers and streams in Viet Nam over time.

The QWEST process in certainly non-conventional and destroys virtually all parasites, fungus, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the chemical compounds found in fertilizers using an electromechanical process. The processed water leaving our systems can be to either potable or boiler water standards if that is the desire, or at a fraction of the current legal discharge laws currently present in Viet Nam.

The equipment is designed to operate in modules and we can therefore use specific components or entire systems depending on the application. As an example, QWEST could review the current water being discharged from any existing waste water treatment plants, we need completely understand the chemistry variations and install only the equipment required to purify the subject discharge water to any standard set by the Government of Viet Nam (or City). Our equipment works in real time, so no additional large holding cells are required, QWEST equipment is very compact and only requires 5 to 10% of the space normally used for waste water plants; we can also build over the top of existing cells to save space and reduce the capital costs.

QWEST is very good at enhancing existing waste water treatment plants/systems, usually the most cost effective and least expensive method is to have the existing facilities continue operating with minimal alterations to their current process while QWEST equipment intercepts only the discharge stream. The existing personal can continue to operate the plants while being taught to also operate our equipment and over time additional processes and procedures can be altered so the entire plant becomes more efficient and effective without any disruption to operations. For new installations our system will extract the solids and turn the biological matter into fuel pellets that can be used to replace coal (BTU value is between 5,400 and 6,300 BTU per lb.) or for any heat generation use.

The QWEST system is a non-chemical, non-biological process, so all fluids and solids are dealt with in real time, meaning there is no requirement for large holding cells, and no dilution of the discharge effluent is required to meet discharge regulations. We extract all the processed solids and convert them into useful products: conventional systems try to break these solids down and leave them in the effluent. Because the solids are removed, and the chemicals are destroyed, BOD and COD are at a small fraction of conventional system discharges and are a fraction of allowable discharge limits.

Portable systems that are suitable for military and other temporary uses are also available, they are designed for either waste water treatment and potable water from any source.